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Passenger Accommodations


Klein Transportation operates its programs and services in compliance with Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities; Reasonable Modification of Policies and Practices (49CRF Parts27 and 37) to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to our services.  We encourage and welcome all passengers with disabilities and seniors to travel with us. 


We Are Here to Serve You

Our goal is to make your travel with Klein Transportation safe and comfortable.  Our Drivers and Customer Service Representatives are available to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities. We can better assist you if you inform us at time of reservation, or at a minimum 48-hours, in advance of travel.  Please provide our sales staff with your specific assistance and/or travel needs. 


Klein drivers provide assistance with boarding/deboarding vehicles, and stowing/retrieval of luggage and mobility devices.  We can assist whether you are traveling alone, with a personal care attendant, or accompanied by a service animal.  Knowledge is key to comfortable travel.  The more informed we are, the more prepared we can be for your trip.


We ask that all passengers needing extra assistance arrive early and allow extra time so we can store mobility aids and/or operate the lift equipped buses as necessary.  


Lift-Equipped Vehicles/Wheelchair Seating

Passengers using wheelchairs should work with their reservation specialist at least 48-hours in advance to discuss options available to them.  If a customer does not provide Klein Transportation with 48-hour advance notice, we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate them.  When you call for lift-equipped service, please give full details including type, weight and dimensions of wheelchair, as there are some restrictions. 


If the customer does not wish to travel in the wheelchair, Klein will work to offer seating to them and stow their wheelchair or scooter in the baggage compartment at no extra cost.  Klein lift-equipped vehicles accommodate two wheelchairs or scooters per wheelchair lift equipped vehicle. 


  • Maximum Dimensions: Wheelchairs and mobility scooters cannot exceed 36” by 48”

  • Maximum Weight: The combined weight for a wheelchair or mobility scooter and the passenger cannot exceed the capacity of the lift, typically 600 lbs.


Mobility Devices

Larger mobility devices such as (but not limited to) foldable scooters and walkers will fit in the luggage bay on luggage bay equipped vehicles. Please coordinate with your group and reservation specialist accordingly. If a mobility aid weighs more than 50 pounds please advise at time of reservation, as a ramp may be necessary to load the device.  


Smaller mobility aids such as (but not limited to) canes or crutches may travel inside the bus and stowed and secured in the overhead or under your seat.  If your aid will not fit safely in one of these two areas, it must be stowed under the coach.  A Klein driver or Tour Director will be able to assist you in accessing these aids when boarding or deboarding the bus.


Service Animals

Service animals are welcome to travel with the passenger.  They must remain at the passenger’s seat at all times, and cannot occupy a seat or obstruct the aisle of the vehicle.  Klein Transportation reserves the right to refuse travel to any animal which poses a direct threat to the health or safety of other customers, our drivers, and/or employees.  


Medical Oxygen/Medicine

Portable oxygen and respirators may accompany you on Klein vehicle.  A maximum of four (4) canisters may travel with the customer – two (2) aboard the bus and two (2) in the baggage compartment.  The maximum dimension for each container may not exceed 4.5 inches in diameter and 26 inches in length.  Customers are responsible for ensuring that they have enough oxygen to complete their travel and are responsible for making arrangements for refills while en route.  Oxygen canisters to be stored in the baggage compartment must be in protective cases with safety caps on the valves.  (Maximum limit on medical oxygen canisters carried as cargo is 99 pounds.  We may not exceed this federal regulatory limit.)


Passengers are welcome to travel with Portable Oxygen Concentrators but are responsible for ensuring that they have enough battery power to complete their travel.  When booking your travel, please inquire if the coach will have electrical outlets, if so you will still need a backup supply of battery power.


All medicine should be carried in carry-on luggage for ease of access during the journey.  Under no circumstances should medicine be placed in luggage under the coach.

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