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Chaperone Policies


Guidelines for Teachers and Chaperones of School and Youth Groups

The below guidelines are for the safety of our passengers. We want our passengers to have an enjoyable ride and abiding by suggested guidelines will also ensure a safe ride. Klein would like to thank the teachers and chaperones in advance for helping to enforce these guidelines.



  • Teachers and Chaperones should space themselves evenly throughout the coach. Students will not be able to board the coach unless a chaperone is present.

  • All students should remain in their seats at all times with the exception of using the rest room. Please sit in seats and not on the arm rests.

  • Noise level should be kept to a minimum. It is very important for the driver to be able to hear outside sounds such as horns, sirens, etc.. Excessive noise affects the driver's concentration.

  • DVDs should be reviewed in advance. Violent and vulgar scenes can be offensive and distracting to students, chaperones, and drivers.

  • Keep noise levels at a minimum so the driver is not repeatedly asked to turn up the volume.

  • Feet should be kept on the floor and students should keep their hands to themselves.

  • Itineraries must be planned according to the Federal Department of Transportation drivers hours of service regulations. Your motorcoach professional would like to accommodate all requests, but sometimes he or she is simply unable to oblige due to Federal regulations. You cannot assume that when passengers are off the coach the driver's duties are complete. Driver Log books must be kept up to date, and on overnight trips the coach needs to be refueled, which is part of his on duty hours. The driver is only permitted by law to drive 10 hours and be on duty 15 hours per day. Driving time begins when the driver leaves the Klein base parking lot and ends when he returns to the Klein base parking lot. At any time when the above limits are met, the driver must have 8 hours off. If you have any questions, please speak to your Klein representative.



  • Designate one person to inspect the coach at the end of the trip for items left behind. Klein Transportation is not responsible for left, lost, or stolen items.

  • Gum chewing should be done outside the bus.

  • The window blinds are to remain up.

  • Reading lights should only be used at night.

  • No foreign objects can be put in the overhead reading lights, and the heating/cooling vents.

  • Select your seat position and keep it that way.

  • Please keep the coach tidy. Trash cans are in the front and back of the bus and extra trash bags are available.


General Rule of thumb, please treat your coach the same way you would treat your own living room!



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